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2017 SGIA Printed Electronics Symposium Presentation Downloads

Thank you for attending the 2017 SGIA Printed Electronics Symposium.

As the gathering point for the printed and flexible electronics industry, top experts discussed new trends, advanced technologies and best practices in the printed electronics field.

As part of this superior educational event, we'd like to provide you with a roster of your fellow symposium attendees and the 2017 symposium presentations. Download attendee list.

Please note: Rights to the 2017 Symposium attendee list are non-transferable and for your corporate use only. When you download this document, you agree to these terms. If you provide this list to another company, SGIA will revoke your right to receive future SGIA lists.

Again, thank you for attending!

Thank you for attending the 2017 SGIA Printed Electronics Symposium.

Download Presentations:

(please note that many of these are large files and may take a few minutes)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Developments in Technologies & Products for E-Textile Applications 
Vince Cahill, VCE Solutions

Printed Electronics Substrates Within E-Textiles 
Adam Hackett, Adhesive Films Inc.

Advancements in Woven Electronic Fabrics 
Daniel Gilsdorf, Sefar, Inc.

Washable, Waterproof & Wearable Connectors 
David Schneider, Nicomatic

IPC’s Standards Developments for E-textiles and Printed Electronics 
Neil Bolding, MacDermid Autotype Inc.

Printed Electronics in Fabrics 
Leonard Allison, Engineered Materials Systems, Inc

Evaluating Printed Electronics Textiles 
Diana Wyman, AATCC

Curing Methods Explained for Both UV Curing/LEDUV Curing and Solvent Based Applications 
Steve Harpold, Brown Manufacturing Group; Laura Maybaum, Nazdar

Testing of Solder Joints to Printed Electronic Traces on Flexible Polymer Substrates 
Jeffrey Parker, Insulectro

A Modular Gait Analysis System Using a Printed Matrix Force Sensor 
Rob Podoloff, Tekscan

Thermal Transferred Printed Electronics 
John Yundt, PPG Industries; Jaye Tyler, Si-Cal Technologies, Inc.

The Emergence of Capacitive Switch Technology 
Steve Baker, GM Nameplate

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