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Business Answers International Launches Falcon Optimizer, LLC

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida March 4 – Business Answers International, a leading plastics industry consulting firm is pleased to announce the launch of their new software company Falcon Optimizer, LLC (

Falcon Optimizer was designed to change the way material yielding software is used in the plastics industry, and utilizes advanced BlueCell algorithm technology that is delivered via an easy to use web based software model.

Based on years of development and testing, Falcon has never been beaten by competitive optimizers and is truly on the “cutting edge” of yield optimization technology. Falcon averages an impressive 10% yield improvement over existing optimization software in the market, resulting in
significant material savings for the typical plastics distributor or fabricator.

Designed specifically to be used at the quoting stage, Falcon Optimizer is uniquely positioned to make an immediate positive impact on improving profit margins, increasing new business, and reducing material costs. After extensive design, development, and testing over a period of several
years, Falcon Optimizer expects to deliver a massive return on investment, resulting in a potential for millions of dollars in profit improvements throughout the plastics distribution & fabrication industry.

The software features include:

  • Unlimited users per location – extremely beneficial for sales professionals at the quoting stage
  • Unlimited part sizes and quantities
  • Unlimited sheet sizes and quantities
  • Individual part pricing
  • Ability to import pattern files directly to a wide variety of CNC Panel Saws
  • Currently in development of labor cost/pricing calculations, labor pricing per part, and length ofcutting times!
Publication/Release Date: 
Mar 12, 2018

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