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Summa America Introducing the New Twin Workflow at SGIA - New Orleans

During the upcoming SGIA Expo in New Orleans, which will take place from the 10th until the 12th of October, Summa America will be giving first hand insight into the following finishing solutions, focused on increasing productivity. Twin™ workflow Summa proudly seizes the opportunity to introduce their new Twin™ workflow during the show. The Twin™ workflow has been developed to increase production and ensure a smooth workflow. With the Twin™ workflow it is now possible to decide after finishing the print-job whether the job will be cut on an S Class 2 OPOS CAM Series or on an F series flatbed table, or both. The Twin™ workflow enables you to use the same cut-data on both machines and read the same marks with the built-in camera. In order to enhance user-friendliness even more, both machines can also read the Summa Postnet barcode. The Roll-up system on the S Class 2 OPOS CAM roll cutter allows an easy switch from roll cutter to flatbed table.

In summary, the Twin™ workflow ensures the most appropriate machine can be used for each specific application, creating a win-win solution for both the customer and the end-user. Moreover, by using the strength of both machines you can easily double your productivity.
• Check it out! The new Twin™ workflow will be demonstrated at the SGIA show on an F1612/S2TC160 combination.
• Video Twin™ workflow: F2630
It goes without saying that Summa will also be showcasing its flagship flatbed cutter at the SGIA event: the F2630. With Summa’s largest cutting table, Summa will demonstrate numerous finishing solutions to an extensive range of demanding applications. Whether it be plastic, wood, banner or textile, Summa’s highly flexible finishing system can be tailored to handle any kind of substrate.
• Video F2630: The Tandem mode will be demonstrated extensively during the SGIA show. The Tandem mode can only be used on the F1330 and the F2630 and allows you to increase your productivity substantially. With the Tandem Mode, the active working area on the flatbed can be divided into front and back processing areas, which enables the operator to load and unload material on one end of the table, while cutting material on the other end of the table. This will avoid idle periods during the processing of material, which will add significant value to the overall workflow.
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• Check it out! The Tandem Mode will be demonstrated at the SGIA show in combination with an F2630 flatbed cutter.
• Video Tandem mode:

Roll Cutters: S2D140, S2TC160, D160RL & D60
Summa America will also exhibit some of their Roll Cutter Series, such as Summa’s workhorse, the S2D140, the S2TC160 with Tangential knife, as well as the D160RL(LAN) and their renowned solid D60R Roll Cutter, demonstrating the everlasting sturdiness and reliability of roll-to-roll vinyl cutting.

Publication/Release Date: 
Sep 27, 2017

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