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VersaTech2™ Flatbed Laser/Router/Knife Solution Shows Full Capabilities at FESPA

Milwaukee, WI U.S.A. & Maldon, U.K.— Innovation comes in many forms with the solutions becoming available for the sign & display industry. Interestingly, cutting technology that we take for granted, when coupled with grand format printing, can still see major innovations taking place. Such is the case with the VersaTech2, being shown at FESPA 2018. It is a full platform that includes capabilities not found anywhere else in the market. Come see the VersaTech2 at Blackman & White’s Stand: 2.2 D28.

VersaTech2 incorporates:

1. A unique patent-pending (Europe and U.S.) dual laser and traditional cutting belt technology that allows a single system to be utilized for laser cutting and etching of rigid materials, laser cutting and sealing of fabric/textiles and all of the routing and cutting features normally found on such cutters. Changeover is in minutes and requires no extraordinary actions by employees.

2. It accomplishes this with full conveying for both rigid and flexible/rolled materials while reaching speeds of 78” per second and 1.25G acceleration with full accuracy.

3. Updated oscillating and driven wheel tools have been added to increase throughput by a factor of 2-3 times.

4. A new Horizontally mounted laser is being demonstrated and delivered that allows for a 30% improvement in the cutting speed for textiles while still allowing for cutting and etching of rigid materials.

5. Inclusion of a new 5 kW router that allows the system to accomplish routing at more than twice the speed of its earlier systems, while allowing for larger bits (8mm vs. 6mm) and may be ordered with a 6 bit tool changer, significantly improving throughput when there are multiple router bits required for a single job.

6. Full integration with a heavy duty motorized fabric roll-off capability matched to the conveying speed of the table. This means that there is virtually no possibility of stretch, which causes inaccurate cutting of the fabric, especially for those fabrics that are not laserable, and are better cut by a driven wheel or knife.

7. System lengths from 1.6M to 3.2M to 4.8M with full conveying for both laser and mechanical cutting, plus flatbed capabilities to 9.6M or even larger.

8. Full integration with TigerVision™, developed by the same team that developed i-cut®. TigerVision incorporates the simplest and most innovative graphical user interface in the marketplace.

Looking at the competitive marketplace, there is no other solution for flatbed cutting that can handle and cut virtually any material that can be printed (although it can only etch ceramic, stainless steel and rocks) at industry expected speeds and accuracies. The VersaTech2’s breadth includes full automation capability, integration with the industry’s standard RIPS including QR code integration for automatic job recognition, true shape nesting, parametric modeling software for packaging and POP displays plus true Cut Estimating software that can handle estimates for quoting where the actual job image is not yet available, or for production costing and scheduling from the job PDF.

About MCT Digital dba MCT of Wisconsin, Inc. – While other companies may have been in the market longer, MCT Digital is the clear innovation leader. In a world in which the biggest constant is “change,” MCT continues to provide the broadest line of trusted and proven solutions. The VersaTech2 is designed, manufactured and supported in the U.S.A., with full parts and knowledge base in Historic Downtown Milwaukee, WI. From the team that invented “digital die cutting,” in 1999, MCT Digital will continue to provide ingenuity, close to the market needs. With manufacturing in Milwaukee, WI, MCT Digital is providing customer focused support through a higher technician to customer ratio than any other supplier. We also provide unparalleled phone support provided by a qualified, and highly trained staff member. MCT Digital also owns and operates - supporting 900+ customers nationwide with cutting blades, router bits, cutting mats/conveyors and application know-how.

About Blackman & White – Blackman & White is a leading manufacturer of cutting solutions in Heybridge, Malden, Essex in the UK. With over 50 years of successful customized business in the design and manufacture of cutting systems for a breadth of industries from digital print and sail making, to technical textiles and composites. B&W’s solutions encompass a comprehensive range of tooling options. These range from knife and laser cutters on flatbed or conveyorized tables through to unique cutting tools designed to overcome more specific challenges according to the material being used. Supplying internationally to companies both small and large, each customer is treated as an individual and a solution carefully considered matching the application. BW owns and operates supporting its European customers with cutting blades, bits, cutting mats/conveyors and application know-how.

About VersaTech™ – VersaTech is a joint development between MCT of Wisconsin, Inc. dba MCT Digital and Blackman & White Ltd. of the U.K. The intellectual property is owned by both companies who share engineering and software development and jointly support customers via manufacturing in both the U.S. and the U.K.

For more information, come see the VersaTech2 at the BW Stand 2.2 D28, or contact Steve Aranoff: or (928) 239-5513, or Lindsey Hynek:, or 920-973-5197 , or Susan Hendersen: or +44 1621843404.

Publication/Release Date: 
Apr 16, 2018

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