Imaging's Gold Standard

Enter your favorite print in SGIA's Golden Image awards this summer! Every entrant is automatically considered for the People’s Choice Award. Entries that earn a Gold in their respective categories are considered for “Best of Show” in digital, garment, graphics and creativity.

The esteemed contest celebrates industry-leading excellence and covers almost every item, no matter how complex, created by specialty imaging.

  • Eligibility:  Corporate printer members 
  • Location:  Golden Image Gallery on the PRINTING United show floor
  • Entry guidelines: SGIA printer members receive one free entry. Additional entries are $35 each.

Category Definitions
Competition categories and subgroup definitions.

Judging Criteria 
Judges are unpaid volunteers who donate their time and skills for the benefit of the industry and have no vested interest in the outcome.

“The SGIA Golden Image Awards is a valuable opportunity to evaluate our work by comparing it against some of the best companies in the industry. The award not only helps commemorate our staff and increase employee morale, but it demonstrates to our customers the exceptional quality of our equipment, processes, and production teams.”  —Debbie Anderson, GM Nameplate

“Winning Golden Image Awards in multiple categories using a variety of technologies helps GSP illustrate our portfolio of printing options.”  — Kevin Farley, COO, GSP