Sustainable Business Recognition


PRINTING United Alliance wants to recognize your company for its sustainable business practices, those daily decisions that reduce your company’s environmental footprint, improve employee safety and well-being, all the while optimizing your bottom line. Tell us about your successes in these areas by applying for the Sustainable Business Recognition award.

Not only do we want to give you recognition, we also want to connect you to efforts being made world-wide.

Businesses have an extraordinary opportunity to make a positive impact on sustainability. More and more companies are aligning their business practices with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to optimize their contribution to a sustainable future. The purpose of these goals is to eradicate the world’s most devastating challenges. This collection of 17 goals and 169 targets serves as a universal platform for monitoring impact and harmonizing sustainability initiatives. Essentially, the SDGs expand upon the original Three Pillars of Sustainability of People, Planet, Profit to be more descriptive and action oriented.

PRINTING United Alliance’s Sustainable Business Recognition Program recognizes member companies that have contributed to the UN Sustainable SDGDevelopment Goals. While there are 17 goals, we encourage companies to focus on the following SDGs:

We believe the targets within these three goals align best with capabilities of the printing industry. However, applications will still be considered if projects contribute to other sustainability initiatives instead. Detailed instructions are included within the application.

How to Apply

Any member company that wants to submit a project or activity for consideration needs to complete an application and submit it to PRINTING United Alliance. Projects must have been implemented in 2020 for recognition in 2021.

Applications must be submitted by March 12, 2021. All applications will be reviewed by PRINTING United Alliance’s Advisory Council on Sustainability, Safety, Health and Personnel in January 2021.

Submit An Application


Once all submissions have been reviewed by the Advisory Council, PRINTING United Alliance will present the Sustainable Business Recognition award (made with bamboo!) and a congratulatory letter to all member facilities that demonstrated their contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Public announcements of the recipients will be made on Earth Day, April 22, 2021.

There are three tiers of recognition Silver, Gold and Platinum. A Silver Sustainable Business Recognition Award will be given to those who provide a detailed account of what their company did to enhance their sustainability efforts and what the impact of these actions were.

A Gold award will be given to those who provide metrics to back up their sustainability actions and impacts. The Platinum award will be given to those who include context surrounding their sustainability efforts, what was done, as well as qualitative and quantitative metrics measuring their impact. If your application does not contain enough information, an award will not be given.

If you're not familiar with the SDGs or new to the Sustainability Recognition Program, PRINTING United Alliance is here to help! For more information or assistance, please contact Government Affairs. Thank you!

Sustainable Business Recognition 2020 Award Winners


  • PRS Permacel Private Ltd.g_sustainability_mockup_PrUA_111020


  • Empire Screen Printing, Inc.
  • The Bernard Group


  • Albert Basse Associates, Inc.
  • Global Products, Inc.
  • Impact International Pty. Ltd.
  • Lawson Screen & Digital Products
  • LEM Products, Inc.
  • NAU Printing Services
  • Night Owls Print
  • North Georgia Promotions
  • Packsize International
  • The Intelligence Group
  • Triple Stamp Press
  • Vycom Corporation
  • WS Display
  • Wythken Printing