PDAA Certification

For years, PDAA Master Certified has been the only certification not tied to any vinyl manufacturer. The testing has been rigorous, and the nationwide listing on Find an Installer has been the gold standard connecting end-users/customers with this installer group.

The PDAA steering committee has spent the last two years coming up with a way to make this great program even better – and in 2020 the new badging program went into effect.

This new program will have three badges to start – Vehicle & Fleet Wraps, Architectural Films, and Paint Protection.

PDAA Vehicle & Fleet Wrapspdaa_architecturalfilms_badgePDAA Paint Protection






Current Master certified installers will be awarded two badges (if they choose to renew for both) in 2020 – Vehicle & Fleet Wraps and Architectural Films. The new designation for everyone with a badge will be PDAA Certified. The advantage of these new badges is that installers can earn the badges that are relevant to their operation. Each badge costs $99 for renewal.

To maintain a listing on Find an Installer, a company must be a PRINTING United Alliance member, show $1,000,000 in liability insurance and pay the renewal fee for each badge. The new Find an Installer directory will allow companies to show the badges they have earned which will help end-users find the appropriate company for the job they are looking to fill.