Vehicle & Fleet Wraps


This certification will test an installer’s ability to manage any vehicle wrap project, including the rivets found on many box trucks or trailers. Testers will demonstrate their ability to properly install vinyl on a vehicle with minimal stretch. They will also demonstrate their ability to properly clean and prep any surface, wrap rivets with minimal tenting, the ability to cut vinyl without cutting the surface below, and will have passed a rigorous online test.

How to Become PDAA Certified

To begin the process for the Vehicle & Fleet wraps, review the Vinyl Proficiency Guide and
take the online test ($50 for non-members, members receive a 25% discount). Once you have passed the test, find a PDAA Certification event for Vehicle & Fleet Wraps on the workshops page to sign up for the hands-on testing. Remember, "Certification means business" -- and PDAA Certified installers are also granted Avery Dennison Certified Installer status, so sign up now.