Demystifying Named Spot Color Replacement Within RIP Software

March 26, 2019

Who Should Attend

Company Owners, Graphic Designers, Pre-press Team, Production Managers


Dan Marx

Registration Deadline

Mar 26, 2019, 00:00 AM

It's been said that the named spot color functionality within RIP software is the most misunderstood and under-utilized feature set available to users. My experience as a color management consultant and trainer leads me to believe that this is a true statement. This session will focus on explaining what named spot color replacement is, and how it can be used to achieve the closest possible match for all the brand and spot colors you are asked to reproduce. While this is not a hands-on session, real life examples will be presented along with the process used to achieve the best possible spot color match. Tools will also be presented to help you determine if your desired spot color is inside or outside the color gamut of your printer.

Jim RaffelJim Raffel, CEO, ColorCasters,
Jim Raffel is a color management consultant who also serves as CEO of ColorCasters, LLC and ColorMetrix Technologies LLC. As a veteran of the printing industry and a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology’s acclaimed printing management program, in 1995 he formed ColorMetrix to bring an idea he had to make color measurement and evaluation easier by creating easy-to-use software solutions. Today as a certified G7 expert and color management professional, his consulting practice focuses on dye sublimation and flat-bed UV inkjet printing. This work keeps him on the road many weeks each year working with end users and manufacturers to improve their color management processes. He has also been authorized by SGIA to conduct their color management boot camps; in both open venues for anyone to attend and in closed venues for clients and their staff.