What Your Mama Didn't Tell You About Budgeted Hourly Rates

May 21, 2019

During the 20th century, using budgeted hourly rates (BHRs) to develop pricing was the de-facto methodology -- as it had been in the 19th century.  21st century MIS applications continue to use this cost accounting approach.  Yet, because today’s print provider competes in an ever-changing marketplace and continues to add new products, it’s time for a fresh look at budgeted hourly rates. In this session, our presenters will challenge our industry’s focus on using “costs” to develop prices.  Upon the completion of the webinar, the participant will have a better understanding of Budgeted Hourly Rates and how to utilize them in improving market share as well as profitability. 

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Joe Polanco, New Direction Partners
Paul Reilly, New Direction Partners