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Specialty Graphic Imaging Association
Committees and Advisory Councils

SGIA Committees

SGIA Committees

Serving in the SGIA Committees and Advisory Councils

The SGIA Committees and Advisory Councils focus on strategic issues and play a critical role in the development of programs and activities beneficial to specific community segments and to membership.

Serving in the SGIA leadership contributes not only to SGIA, but to your company and your professional development. Committees meet in person in January at SGIA's Congress of Committees, and communicate and collaborate remotely throughout the year. Committee appointments are made annually in October. Serving on a committee is a requirement for nomination to the SGIA Board of Directors.

Interested in Joining a Committee or Advisory Council?

The SGIA Leadership drives the Association’s forward-thinking approach to serving the community. We encourage you to take an active role in developing tomorrow’s marketplace by joining a committee or advisory council. 

Applications for SGIA Committee for 2018-2019 is now closed. To be considered for 2020 committee appointments for next October, please complete the following application by June 30, 2019 - Application for 2020 SGIA Committee Membership

Committee and Advisory Council Charge

Committee and Advisory Council Descriptions

List of Current Committees and Advisory Councils

Digital Textile and Décor Committee 

Garment Decorators Committee 

Graphics Production Committee 

Industrial Applications and Printed Electronics Committee 

PDAA Installers Committee

Ink & Chemical Manufacturers Advisory Council

Sustainability, Safety, Health and Personnel Advisory Council

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