Next Generation Advisory Council

Volunteer leaders are relied upon for their industry experience and knowledge, as well as their desire to contribute to the success of others, PRINTING United Alliance and the industry. 

Volunteer leaders from across the industry are a vital part of PRINTING United Alliance. Working within the strategic framework set by the Board of Directors, committees and advisory councils achieve the following:

  • provide insight on a range of initiatives and community-building activities
  • serve as a source for energy and new ideas, and
  • provide perspectives representative of the industry and market segments

Get Engaged in Your Association

Apply to Volunteer for this NEW Advisory Council

PRINTING United Alliance’s newest Next Generation Advisory Council will create various means for students and other young professionals to become involved and engaged in the printing industry through mentorship, networking, and the collaboration of sharing ideas. This community will organize events, suggest relevant topics for the group (webinars, journal articles, blog posts, meetings, etc.) and recruit other young professionals into the printing industry. In addition, this advisory council will oversee the PRINTING United Alliance scholarship program (application requirements, evaluating accepted applications, outreach and promotion).The mission of this group is to increase engagement among young professionals through career development, education, and networking opportunities.

Application Process

Details to be announced soon for the Next Generation Advisory Council application process.

Application Criteria

All applications will be considered based on experience, printing community they represent and availability. This will be in accordance with the advisory council governance model.